Branding Yourself When You're Multi-Talented

Brand Quote - 1.png

You’re a coach and a marketer?

You’re a designer and a strategist?

You’re a photographer and YouTube personality?

In this day and age, we don’t have to choose one profession or the other. In fact, especially for us freelancers out there, the more hats we can wear – the better. It makes a lot of sense for multiple professions to be a “one-stop-shop” (hello large ticket items…) because they’re able to focus on making a solid profit rather than just finding new customer after new customer for a smaller profit.

So you’ve got the skills, but how the fck do you brand yourself? Do you split it into two businesses? Do you focus on one over the other? There are a ton of questions going through your mulit-talented brain right now…

Think about your business in terms of this:

What is the overall problem your brand is solving for your ideal client?

Let’s look at my business for example. I’m a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Branding Strategist. The overall problem that all of my talents collectively solve is the desire to show up professionally online.

Each one of my talents works with the others, and together it’s a much stronger offer than if I were to just present each on their own. (Ie, I’m ONLY a logo Designer, I’m ONLY a website Designer, I’m ONLY a Branding Strategist.) I call this creating an ELITE offer – you’re solving an actual problem AS A WHOLE rather than just one element of a problem.  

To make a long story short, you want to think about how all of your talents work in unison to create a brand that is dynamic, interesting, and effective. Your ideal clients have several things they’re looking for – how can you combine and solve a larger issue than the one at hand? Remember, some clients don’t even know they need your services until you point it out – so make sure you’re doing just that!

Once you figure out the overall problem you’re solving, you brand from there sweetcheeks. My best advice is to capture the attention of your idea client with the problem they need solved the most – and then once you have their attention you can offer additional services or explain why a multi-leveled process is needed for the best results.