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If you haven’t found out what I do by now, don’t worry… I’m gonna explain it to you here and it may not be the explanation you were expecting to read… (dun dun dun!)

For the past three years, I’ve considered myself a Brand and Graphic Designer. If you were to create a checklist of what fundamental skills that position would need to have in order to be successful, I’d hit every one. I’d even consider myself highly successful. And SOMEHOW, I am left feeling unfulfilled in this position.

It has nothing to do with money, the work I am doing, or the clients I am working with.

I’ve been very grateful that the clients I am working with see my true value and honor it. I have never sent a piece of work that I didn’t think was quality, and I take a lot of pride into what I create. So how in the fuck do I still feel like something is missing?

I was skipping the most important part of a brand and it’s creation, the brand experience.

For all of you in the online atmosphere of entrepreneurship, you understand that things can get so busy - sometimes you’re just checking one item off the list after the next. It came to my realization that this is exactly what I was doing, a logo here, a logo there, here’s a cover, etc. etc. While I still love creating one off logos and making these crazy cool cover photos, my TRUE passion lives in creating a BRAND and living through that experience.

This means diving into a person and their purpose for more than two weeks. Figuring out more than just what their color palette will be. Deciding that for 2+ months, we’re brainstorming, strategically planning, and CREATING something that is going to breathe life into others. That doesn’t happen overnight. This doesn’t happen in e-mails alone. This is accomplished through a partnership, open communication, living your dream each and every day in REAL life, and becoming vulnerable to allow growth.

You see, I was missing the relationships and connections that real life experience has to offer. The being on set of your photoshoot to see you fucking work it, or the gathering of inspiration from magazines as we curate what we want your brand to represent visually. (Sometimes feeling a fabric is way more powerful that pinning it on your Pinterest board.) And most importantly, being there when times get tough to tell you you’re a fucking badass and one small hurdle isn’t going to get in your way, because you’re NOT alone in this process.

Here in lies my new program, VISIONARY. With the release date of next Friday I’ll be able to give you more details, but just know that in this program all of my wildest dreams get to come true. There’s 60 days of in-depth branding, not just for visuals but also for brand EXPERIENCE (right before the New Year), plus an in-PERSON getaway where we are able to see your brand come to life through photography, video, and pure connection. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more powerful than collaboration. Don’t wait three years like I did to understand that small fact!

Definition of visionary

1 : having or marked by foresight and imagination