Can you feel that?

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It’s not the best feeling in the world, but it’s a damn good thing you felt it.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about that little niggle that’s letting you know something’s off in your business. That whatever you’re doing right now, there’s something not completely aligned. Either you’re not behind the idea 200%, you’re launching for the wrong reasons, or you’re simply just not ready.

A big problem that I see in the personal branding industry is that we get so caught up with looking perfect online, that we rush to use the best fonts, the best colors, etc. - but we forget that the visuals are only a small sliver of what makes our brand complete.

The race to become the most successful life coach, blogger, designer, etc. is a real one. It’s something that you’ll get caught up in one too many times if you’re not consistently pursuing your own personal brand. What makes a brand is the unique elements of YOU - not the regurgitating of whatever your very own coach taught you, or simply re-wording a trip to Nashville your favorite blogger wrote. How did these personal brands get so big? They stuck to who they were, were consistent with their mission, and grew their brand right along side of themselves.

Brands take time. Brands are constantly evolving. Brands will never be complete, and that’s okay. But the one thing you should do if something starts to feel “off” in your business is revisit your baseline brand foundations. Maybe you’ve never even heard of these, or maybe you’ve told everyone else to look for their ideal client, but forgot to figure out exactly who yours was. (*HINT: There’s more to foundations than just your ideal client as well!)

If you’re looking to get your brand on the same level as your mindset, you’re the perfect person for VISIONARY. VISIONARY is an example of my own exploration of my personal brand when something started to feel off - and I can tell you first hand that when you figure out exactly what it is that you’re supposed to be doing - NOTHING FEELS BETTER! You take action, and not just any kind of action, but clarity-backed action.

VISIONARY is the first program I offer that dives deep into your brand through three phases: Foundations, Visuals and Content Creation/Mapping. If you feel stuck in your brand and are looking for that deeper relationship with your audience, I suggest checking it out - it’s going to take you to that next level, no doubt about it.