Sales VS. Marketing

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Sales VS. Marketing – Why a Personal Brand Needs to know the Difference.

When we start an online business or brand, we think the only thing standing in the way of our success is the amount of people who are seeing our content, and making sure those people are our ideal clients. You live and breathe your story, you have your content, all you have to do is find your people who will consume it in a second.

This sounds like basic 101 sales thinking. I bet you’re even wondering “Shawna, where are you going with this because this sounds like an ideal plan for any business? What if I told you, with this way of thinking - you were stomping yourself in the ground without even knowing it? Slowly but surely, this way of thinking won’t last forever.


Imagine you’re out to dinner with your significant other, or a really close GF. You’re going to a dinner where you’re meeting a few of your favorite online personal brands. Name drop whoever you want to here, but you’re excited as f#!k and can’t wait to connect with these people on a more intimate level. You feel like you know them, you’ve been following them for awhile – and may have even purchased a signature program or two.

Sitting down at dinner, you are across the table from a few people you admire. The first hour goes by, and you’ve heard their story, why they do what they do, and in general have gotten a live version of what you’ve read online. They’re great! You can’t wait to get to know them a little more….

The second hour continues, and you’ve noticed that connecting with these people has become a little difficult. Upon asking questions, and trying to get to know them on a more personal level, you’re stuck with everything you’ve already known. And while they’re nice and great and very inviting, you’re not as fulfilled as you’d like to be. You don’t want to hear their story again. You want to CONNECT.

You leave dissappointed, realizing no one has asked you about your background or where you came from. You realize you also had to ask all the questions to keep the conversation going, and you didn’t connect with anyone like you’d of hoped to.

What went wrong?

What went wrong is that these online personalities and brands, didn’t know the difference between marketing and sales. It’s easy to become a well-known person on Social Media presenting your life, your struggles, your programs to fix said struggles because Social Media for the most part is front-faced. You can connect just enough with people through similar experiences, just enough to play into those emotions, and just enough to make some sales. These people are really good at MARKETING, but what the people at the dinner-party lacked were SALES.

Marketing in definition is the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market.
Selling in definition is focusing on the skills that are necessary to make a transaction happen.

While we can be really good at presenting people or potential clients with this lifestyle that we live, whether it be of happiness, health, luxury or mindfulness, it’s not always the presentation that is going to make this person go through with working with you. And even if they do go through and work with you, what’s going to make them come back for more? What’s going to make them spread your name like wildfire across the internet?

Selling is how you make a person feel. It’s an art form of taking whatever you’re offering and applying it to that person’s life. It’s not about your experiences over and over, it’s about making your client feel cared for, protected, empowered, etc. Can you imagine if these dinner party guests got to sit down with people who were willing to ask THEM questions, who didn’t have an ego about themselves, and who didn’t make these people feel SMALLER than themselves. It’s a powerful thing to have an audience who is listening and ready for action, and all you have to do is be their friend to make them want more.

If you’re only following through with one part of the sales/marketing equation, your clients and potential clients are going to feel like they just left a really shitty dinner party. Happy for about an hour, but leaving unfulfilled.

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