Four Things Your Ideal Client is Begging You to Know...

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And it’s not what their favorite coffee brand is. (Unless you’re like, a coffee shop or some shit.)

The whole idea of Branding is very “Ideal Client” centered, as you can tell from the 90 million Pinterest posts out there. I’m here to make it very, very easy for you – and tell you EXACTLY what your ideal client wants you to know in order to make your offer scream “I NEED THAT” in their brains.

1.)   Where your clients are struggling, and why.

This is pretty basic 101 info, but most of us forget it. Your ideal clients are on the struggle bus, and they need someone to point out to them exactly where they’re struggling and WHY. Most times, your clients don’t even know they’re struggling until you point it out to them.

If you point it out to them, you better make damn sure you have a solution for it! Which leads me to…


2.)   How YOU can solve these issues you point out, and how they’re going to feel on the flip side once they’re fixed.

Your audience is BEGGING for answers, and they’re begging harder for results. If you can provide both, there’s going to be no doubt about them working with you. When you’re explaining how to fix their pain points, make sure you’re giving them a solution that works for them and their lifestyle. If their goal is to get more traction on Pinterest, and you give a busy entrepreneur the task of posting, creating and managing content three times a day – it may not be the solution they were looking for.

The answer they’re looking for is time and growth. They want to free up their space and build their business at the same time. By understanding that, you can give a solution that works on all ends.


3.)    Your clients Values.

The best way I can describe what understanding your clients Values are is: dating. Would you date someone with completely different values than you? You value spending time with family, while they don’t. You value having little luxuries, where they don’t. Most of us know that if we don’t have similar values to the person we’re dating, things can get a little rough. It’s the same thing with our clients. If we are both thinking different ways, struggling to communicate, and in general just not having a good time – it’s good to say that maybe this isn’t your ideal client after all.


4.)   Where they want to be long term.

Understanding where your client would like to be long term in business is going to give you insight on what processes will work best for them, if your solutions are right for their goals, and a clearer vision for what’s to come.

All these details lead to one thing, and that’s CLARITY. When you’re working with your ideal client, the most valuable thing you can have is being clear on tasks at hand, overall goals, and how you’re going to get there!