IMO: Three Characteristics of a Massively Successful Brand

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Brands are complex creatures. There are so many moving parts, but when it comes right down to it – it’s the foundational work that really makes a brand pop. If the foundational work is done correctly, then the design can be done correctly, which leads to the execution being done correctly. See what I mean about the process?

So this article is for you if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed at the whole branding thing. If you worry about ANYTHING in your brand, it should be these three things:

  • Connection

  • Relevancy

  • Consistency

1.)   Connection –

Your brand would go absolutely NOWHERE without connection. Connection is all about the experience and emotion that your brand evokes through your messaging, voice, content, etc. You’re being real and personal with your audience while building a relationship with them. It’s a two way street when it comes to connection – you’re not just looking for =another dollar or another random follow, but you’re nurturing every client and every follower you receive. You CARE about them! You want to change their life or make it better because they’ve interacted with you.

2.)   Relevancy –

Another huge key to an Elite Brand, is Relevancy. Relevancy is a simple concept to understand: basically you have something people want!

The most important thing to understand about relevancy is that you can have an idea that people are very interested in – and still have no sign ups or YES PLEASE responses from your audience. The fact is that you have to package this buzzword concept into something that people are DYING TO HAVE. How can you take an idea that you’re extremely passionate about and make it into something that people want and need? Just because something is cool doesn’t guarantee sales, it needs to have benefits and outcomes that change the buyers life/situation/outlook. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Relevancy also means that you’re up to date on your methods. Don’t use outdated methodology that’s been proven wrong or incomplete. (This will make you look like a newbie in your field and that’s definitely not what we’re going for!)

3.)   Consistency –

Oh consistency. It has a bit more to it than just being at the same place, same time every day. You can show up daily and still not connect with potential clients. If you’re doing this and only this, you’ve only got half of the equation down.

In order to connect with your clients, you have to be consistent in your message, voice, diction, audience, etc. AND show up to present your message.

Think about it – if you saw someone who showed up online as a business professional – teaching marketing tactics, appeared very put-together, you’d mark them as just that in your brain. Well, much to your surprise the next day, they show up on video looking not so professional and not speaking about the tactics they were so passionate about yesterday.

It would be weird, right You don’t know them and what they’re about and now you’re just confused about what they’re trying to offer. The consistency in showing up was there, but the consistency in content and vibe was definitely missing.

So remember kids – if you’re working on your brand, run three things through your mind daily. Was I Consistent? Was I Relevant? Did I connect with who I wanted to? <3

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