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Conquering Fear and Using It To Your Advantage with Michele Russo

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Michele is a newly-published author and online personality who focuses on fears and failures in the dating world. Through her own experiences and dissecting the current dating scene, she’s found a way to successfully overcome her fears (in the dating world and outside of it) and use them to her advantage in her own brand. Check out the video for more information on just how she did this!

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Confidence in your Brand with Kate Dwinell

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Kate Dwinell is a Food & Body Coach turned Intuitive Business Coach! She coaches new entrepreneurial women how to create CONFIDENCE in their business & reconnect to their body so they can create the IMPACT, the INCOME & live the life they truly DESIRE🖤

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Why Brand Strategy and Brand Visuals are EQUALLY Important

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Brand Strategy is the working beliefs, morals and strategies behind your brand. What makes you unique, who you’re targeting… needless to say there’s a lot that goes into your brand strategy.

Brand Visuals are what most people think “Branding” is as a whole. Your logo, fonts & colors, website design, Instagram feed, etc. Any type of “visual” aspect of your brand will fall into this category.

The online entrepreneur industry is regularly putting down the brand visual category – saying you don’t need a logo, website or anything to really be successful in your business. Designers are consistently forgetting about brand strategy and offering logos based off of what looks pretty… so where’s the happy medium between the two?

Let me tell you this – YOU NEED BOTH STRATEGY AND VISUALS. They are a team and they work together to make your brand an experience. Let’s dive in >

Now, although they are equally important, one does need to be done before the other. By completing your Brand Strategy first, you save yourself time and money. (As entrepreneurs, we need BOTH and can’t afford to waste either!)

Let’s say you’ve completed your design first. You have a beautiful, elegant logo that is striking upon first glance. However, you’ve decided that your business is fun, playful and bright. This gold, beautiful logo with muted colors isn’t doing your brand personality justice. Therefore, you’re attracting the wrong type of clients and pushing the right ones away. You realize this and have to go back to re-do all of your visuals so you’ll be able to draw in the clients you wanted in the first place.  

By doing your Brand Strategy FIRST, you could have avoided the re-do and started attracting the right clients immediately.

Once your Brand Strategy is set in place, it’s time for Visual Branding. Especially online, YOUR VISUALS ARE THE SILENT ADVOCATE OF YOUR BRAND. People are going to experience your brand before they ever experience YOU. If you’re visuals aren’t up to par with your strategy – how are you supposed to let newcomers to your page know you’re the best and they need you?

Visuals are incredibly important because they enhance the Brand Experience. They allow another sense to be added to your brand – and the more senses you captivate, the better! As you enhance the brand experience, your brand as a whole becomes stronger and stronger – so with mediocre visuals, expect mediocre results!

This being said, beautiful visuals will not make up for poor or no strategy. Visuals only work if the strategy is there. You may draw people in, but expect confusion to ensue when they can’t relate to your brand or don’t understand what’s being offered.

Do the work. Strategy plus Visuals is a game changer for those who go through the process correctly. If you need some help with Branding as a whole, jump on the waitlist for REPUTATION: THE MASTERMIND coming next month!

Content Creation got you down?

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Content creation is one of those things that seems incredibly easy at the beginning.  You’re full of ideas, great copywriting, and then after a week of posts (I’m out of posts already?) you get stuck like… what now?

You guys know I have to say this, but having your brand foundations in place will help you come up with a content plan with a snap of a finger. BUT, for now – let’s focus on coming up with a plan to keep your social media feeds active, informative and true to you!

The first thing you’ll need to do is write a list of all the topics that are important to you and your brand. It can be the things you coach, teach, etc. For example, mine would look something like:

✦ Branding beyond Visuals

✦ Cohesiveness & Consistency

✦ Personal Brands

✦ Ideal Clients & Authenticiity

Once you have your “topics” – let’s take a look at them even closer. Next, you’re going to write what YOU think of each topic. Get your views down on paper, maybe even think about how your views differ from others in your field. Writing down what your opinion is will help keep your content structured to YOU, and not just some random article on Google. For example:

✦ Branding Beyond Visuals : Brand Strategy is the key foundation to any personal brand. Visuals and Strategy go hand in hand to create a strong brand.

Once you have this list of topics and your chosen perspective, you can reference back to it at any time, especially when you’re stuck on what to write about! One of my favorite things to do is to choose one topic per week and create a list of questions about that topic (or ask your audience, eh?) so that my feed is a knowledge base for a week or so.

Obviously the way you execute your content is up to you, but now you have a strategy to produce it! Wahoo!

If this helped, be sure to drop a comment :D You can also schedule a FREE 1:1 call with me if you are interested in jump-starting your brand foundations!

Staying True to Yourself While Building a Personal Brand with Sarah Ordo

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Staying True to Yourself While Building a Brand with Sarah Ordo

Sarah is one of my absolute favorite personal brands (and people!). She's an author, makeup artist, podcaster, beautiful brunch organizer - basically all things wonderful and amazing! Sarah is here to talk about staying true to yourself while building a personal brand, something that she's done PERFECTLY!

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Why Branding is important even if you don't have a "Business"

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Branding has become quite the buzzword, hasn’t it? It seems like every online entrepreneur is dropping the term left and right, and encouraging you to take this course or that course to figure out YOUR own personal branding.

Well, as overwhelming as it may be - they’re not completely wrong about you needing to at least familiarize yourself with the word. Branding is a HUGE thing that doesn’t just affect major corporations, but if affects all of us in our day to day lives. One of the number one questions I get asked is - “Do I really need branding if I don’t have a business?”

In this case - don’t think of branding as branding. Think of branding as a reputation. We don’t really get to choose if we have a reputation, but we DO get to decide what our reputation consists of! Especially in our day and age where social media is a daily activity for most people, there are plenty of ways for us to build a positive reputation and to put our best self forward where it matters most!

A few examples of where a great online reputation might help you:

  • Job Applications - You bet your sweet ass they’re checking your social profiles now! If you feel like your Facebook profile or Instagram page may not be suitable for random viewers, just make sure they’re private! Better safe than sorry.

  • Meeting the Parents - Meeting someone important for the first time, such as your significant other’s parents? Google search your name and see what pops up (his mom is more likely to google search you rather than drop in your instagram username.) If you see something you don’t like, you can often change or delete it. If there’s something REALLY bad, you may have to contact services to help get the article pushed back in the results, so at least it’s not the FIRST thing they see.

  • Bumble/Tinder/Any other Dating App - Most of these services connect to some sort of Social Profile. Do you really want Jon to know about your last Tequila Friday Night before you meet him for the first time? Probs not.

  • Community - Social Networking is such a great way to find people around you who have similar interests. If you’re wanting to connect with people - make sure you’re being authentic in everything you put out there, because finding your people will be easier when they can relate to your content!

A few tips on how to build:

  • Stay away from negativity. It’s very easily to get sucked into this rabbit hole, but complaining, being rude, and talking shit were never great ways to make friends.

  • Post Content that you believe in. Like I said above, the best way to build a community you can relate to is to make sure you love the things your posting. If you love it, you’ll attract people who do too.

  • Interaction. Don’t be silent when people reach out to you. Even if they’re not your ideal “teammate” - it’s still a great way to build foundations and to let people know you’re open to new adventures. Plus, the more you interact with people, the more they’ll interact with you!

  • Consistant “Brand” Reviews. Once a month, scroll through your social feeds and do a review. Do you like what you see? What do you want to post more of? Is there anything you’re kind of embarrassed of? These monthly brand reviews will help you see exactly what you want and what you don’t.

So as you can see, even though you don’t need a “logo” or website for day to day living, you definitely have a brand that needs taken care of! With a little care and consistency, you’ll be able to take control of your reputation in no time!