have you ever felt…

+ Confused as to why your services aren’t being seen and bought

+ Jumbled, Unorganized and clueless on what to post online

+ That Social Media just isn’t your strong point

+ Unable to connect to your audience through social media and online posts

+ that you don’t have time for really great branding right now

+ Growing your brand doesn’t seem like a reality at this point

+ frustrated that your budget doesn’t allow for a huge branding overhaul at the moment

Growing a brand can seem pretty difficult at first, right? There’s twenty billion things you’re trying to pay attention to, learn, and execute all at the same time. “Branding” in general has probably taken a back seat to the other priorities going on in your business - and hey! s&*t happens!

I don’t have to explain the importance of branding to you because I’m sure you know, but one thing I will explain is the importance of consistency in growing your brand. If there’s one thing that should always be in the back of your mind, it’s how you can grow and make your brand more visible to those who need to see it.

But even that can seem like a challenge sometimes, so herein lies the reason “The Brand Plan” was born.

The Brand Plan is a Monthly Subscription Service that sends weekly branding challenges directly to your inbox. These challenges are applicable to any online business or personal brand showing up (or trying to show up) online. Think of these challenges as a kickstart to that genius brain of yours on how to show up consistently, without having to worry about the “how.”

Not only that, but I’ve also built in a private facebook community where I’ll be sharing valuable content that will help you through your weekly challenges - and you’ll have the support from everyone else who joins in the community!

The Brand Plan Monthly Membership Includes:

+ Weekly Branding Challenges sent directly to your email that (if completed) will consistently build your brand over time.
+ Access to the Private Facebook Member Community, where exclusive content and extra challenges will be posted.
+ Access to the Brand Plan Membersite where you can view all previous “Brand Challenges” no matter when you joined!
+ The Brand Plan Membersite will also include free downloads and guest interviews that you can consume at your own pace!

All for only $19.00 USD a Month!

Memberships begin on the 31st of each month and sign-ups before then will be pro-rated!

The great thing about membership to the Brand Plan is that you’re consistently moving forward. Each week, a new challenge calls for a fresh outlook and a new way to put yourself out there. Your audience will be thrilled with the new content, and seeing your face much, much more! (Great brands are always Visible and Consistent.)

expect these results…

+ Growth in your audience and sales!

+ More confidence in your online posting.
the more you do it - the more it comes naturally!

+ accountability that you’ve never experienced before through weekly e-mails, new friendships, and a facebook community!

+ More brand recognition!

+ clarity on what content works best for you!


all for just $19.00/mo? yes please.


not totally convinced?

Get a FREE Brand Plan Challenge sent to your e-mail now!


About Shawna Poliziani

How do I know all about branding, anyway?

Well, I’ve been working with brands for awhile now. I started off as a Graphic Designer specializing in Online Brand Design. After 3 years of running a successful design business - I realized that there was so much more to branding than just design!

I work with personal brands who are ready to not only have beautiful design, but a beautiful strategy as well. When the two go hand-in-hand, the results are unstoppable.

If you’re looking for something a little more custom than the Brand Plan, contact me for information on 1:1 Brand Coaching & Development.