REPUTATION is a Masterclass created by Shawna Poliziani all about the basic concepts behind "Branding." If your an entrepreneur new to the online space or even a seasoned one just looking for some clarity around your brand, check out this video, for free!

Includes a recorded video presentation, slides, and fillable notes to use as you watch! Enjoy!

Logo Files: Explained | FREE PDF

You just got your new logo finished. Your designer sends over the files. You’re so excited you decide to try out your first Canva design. You open the folder and stare blankly at the screen…

PNG, JPG, AI, PDF - um, wtf?

Don’t freak out just yet! This guide helps you through every file of your new logo design - what to use for print, what to place online, and what has a transparent background perfect for that fresh Canva Design.