Logo Design: NEXT STEPS

Congrats! You're now ready to begin the next steps in the Logo Design Package. 


Your first step is to complete the form below, (aka the "Intense Branding Questionnaire" now in digital format) to help me get to know your company a bit better. Please take your time and fill out the form in detail, the more I know the better! 


On your Pinterest account, create a board specifically for your brand. Call it whateva you'd like, just make sure it's public so I can see it when you're finished. 

Your job is to find 60 images (or more) that you feel connected to, and feel they represent your brand in some way/shape/form. They can be photos of ANYTHING, and you can relate to them on any level - as simple as HEY, I LIKE THIS COLOR. Take a look at textures, vibes, whatever you can think of. I do ask that you stay away from text-heavy images and focus more on imagery!

Once you're finished, send me a link to your board (hello@shawnapoliziani.com) and I'll create your official mood-board from there! 

PS - THIS IS A FUN EXERCISE. If you're feeling stressed about it, you're over-thinking. Save what your eye is drawn to and go from there!

Some examples of completed mood-boards...

Bang Up Beauty Moodboard R1.png
Tiffany Hazzard Moodboard R1.png
DANI Jack Music Moodboard R2.png