Challenge 10: ISSA VIBE

Challenge 10.png

Even if you’re not a big “energy” person, you can still agree that you’re attracted to some people in the online space, and others not so much. That attraction, the pull that brings you to their page, is their energy.

One of the most overlooked aspects of branding is just that - your energy. It is supported by your content, your visuals, all the traditional elements of branding, but your energy comes mostly from YOU.

The most important question you can ask yourself about your brand, and any piece of content or visual that you put out, is does it FEEL good to you? Is whatever energy you’re wanting to produce being felt clearly when you show up for your brand? People can’t interact with you in real life, so you have to make sure that your whole VIBE is showing up when you are.

So, how do you make sure you’re doing this?

The Challenge:

1.) Find someone who you vibe with online. They can be in any industry, just make sure that you LOVE them and their mission. Write out WHY you love them and what they’re doing so much. More specifically, write three words you feel when you’re on their page.

2.) Now, go take a peek at your pages. What three words come up for you? If you have trouble separating yourself from your content, ask a friend to do this part for you. Are the three words what you wanted to see? If not, how can you change your vibe to get the desired end result that you want? Check out the list of why you love the person in part 1 and see how you can implement that into your own brand.

After all, ISSA VIBE!