Challenge 3: Give & Take

Challenge 3.png

brand challenge #3:

Building a brand seems pretty easy, right? You show up everyday to post some valuable content, post some photos of yourself for trust, and wam-bam you’re made for success, right?

Wrong. Very Wrong.

Building a brand is a two-way street. You have the first part down of showing up and providing something that potential clients find valuable, but are you prepared to nurture and grow that relationship?

After people start to gain interest in your content, you’ll have to push that relationship further. You can’t just post content, and then leave it hanging. If people comment, respond. If people like, go like something of theirs! Overall, people just want to be liked and felt heard - so if you can give them that blissful feeling, you’re building a really great relationship that has the potential to turn into something great!

the challenge: interact with your potential clients

  • Now, just don’t go like twenty million photos and call it a day. Find people who you’d love to work with, read their content, and post something that will mean something to them. The more care and effort you put into reaching out, the more success you’ll have in building a relationship.

  • Don’t sell to them the first chance you get. Everyone HATES this. Let your efforts do the talking and have links readily available on your profiles that will take them to a place where they can find more about your services. PEOPLE ARE NOSY! If you’re commenting and relating to them, they will most definitely try to find more out about you and what you do.

  • Try to engage for at least 15-20 minutes a day. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest - this strategy works on ALL social platforms!

Be sure to post in the group about your success! XoX!