Challenge 4: Emotional Connection

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brand challenge #4

"There has to be an emotional connection because emotion drives decisions."

Think about your favorite brand. Aside from the actual product - why do you like them? Why did you choose this specific brand over the 15 million various other brands creating the same exact product? 

Chances are, they triggered some kind of emotional response from you. There are many ways that brands can do this - whether it be sharing the same basics values that you do, or making you feel special in ways that they interact with you. Either way - you begin to feel accepted and understood by this specific brand and that makes you choose them every time.

If you can tap into at least one of the basic human needs while building your brand's core values - (Adventure, Community, Providing and receiving care, Self-expression, Peace of mind, Standing for something... etc.) you'll find that people will be much more connected to you and your brand! That human connection puts you a step above the other brands - no matter what product or service you may offer! 

The Challenge:

You're probably very acquainted with your target audience and the type of people you want purchasing your products or services. Get into their heads for a minute - and think about what basic emotional need they're looking for with YOUR product/service.

For example, if you're a personal trainer - they aren't just looking for a "fit body." They could be looking for love and acceptance that they feel comes with a fit body, adventure in the process of reshaping their body, or the simple need of taking care of themselves. Depending on what type of coach you are - you can cater your brand to any of these basic human needs. 

Once you tap into what need(s) your potential clients are looking for - think of what you can do as a brand to make these needs better met through your products/services. 

Using the personal training example, let's say that they're looking for acceptance with themselves and others. As the trainer knowing this, you can start off with a mindset session before each training session or create a group training program to interact with others. These little details cater to those emotional needs - and create a very unique brand as well.

In the BRAND PLAN Facebook Group - Post what emotional needs your brand caters to, and some unique ways that you can fuse these values into your services or products! 

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