Challenge 8: Who you talkin' to?

Challenge 8.png

Everyone understands the importance of knowing their audience or ideal client. You’ve heard me preach it and I’m sure you’re a little sick of it by now… but, it goes far past just “knowing” them.

Did you know the way you speak and words you choose when talking to your client could push the “should I work with her” needle to YES more quickly than you thought?

Diction, “the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing” can make or break a relationship with your clients. If you’re not speaking their language, it’s going to be impossible to sell anything - even if they desperately need whatever you’re offering. If you do sell them something, the misunderstanding in communication post-purchase will not be a fun thing to deal with.

The concept of Diction is HUGE today - because as you know in our online worlds, writing out our content is one massive part of our business.

Most of the time when we’re the face of our brand (shoutout to personal brands!) we’re often talking to an older version of ourselves so it makes it incredibly easy to think about what we’d want to hear and how we’d want to hear it. The goal is to build a relationship to show that you went through that, you know how to get to the other side, and you know how to help in a way that’s effective for their lifestyle. Word choice can let the reader quickly know a.) your own style, b.) if they can relate to you, and c.) if there’s a possibility to work together. All that from just word choice!

the challenge:

Go through one of your recent posts and find words or phrases that are perfect for your ideal client. On the flip side, pick out a few that you could have re-worded or made more custom to exactly who you’re speaking to!