Challenge 6: More than just Google

Challenge 6.png

brand challenge #6

The great part of having a personal brand is that we’re more than just robots who spew off information. We get to have identities, likes, dislikes… the whole 9 yards. Our identities are what make connection possible between us and our ideal clients.

Your favorite people online are those who are informative AND personable. Let’s say you wanted to learn more about online marketing via Social Media. There are TONS of articles about this on the internet, just typing social media into Google would be a start. But – you don’t start there. And even if you do, you don’t stay there. 

You are more drawn to Elizabeth, who teaches about social media concepts on her facebook – but she also has two kids, is hilarious, and loves chatting it up about her recent travels as well. 

Elizabeth isn’t intimidating. She breaks down this unknown world of social media into terms that you can understand and relate to. You get to ask her questions about your specific situation. Plus, you get to have a relationship with her outside of social media training, and that’s fun for both parties. 

The Challenge:

If you’ve noticed yourself spewing out basic information about your topic of choice – don’t panic! This week, I want you to think about how you can either break down your passion into terms that are more relatable or devise a content strategy that allows you to be YOU in your business. Trainings are great, but make sure there is a relationship there to build off of. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST GOOGLE!

Extra Credit:

Trainings or masterclasses are great ways to connect with new people. If you think this is a *must* in your business - see how you can customize a regular ol' training. 

IE) How can you make what you're offering different than what's being found when you search on Google? Live Q&A, Featured Speakers, what can you think of?