Challenge 9: What are you really selling?

Challenge 9.png

It may seem like a strange question to ask considering that you’ve crafted this beautiful little idea into the world and you know EVERYTHING about it… but do you really know what you’re selling?

Spoiler… you’re selling way more than just your product!

Features vs. Benefits

Think of features as the technical details of your product. If it’s a 4-Week Nutrition Program, you may say the features are the weekly meal-plan, the 1-1 weekly call, and the weekly check-ins. It’s all aspects of the product or service that are actually being delivered.

The benefits are the additional lifestyle or emotional aspects that come from your program. They speak to what the features actually do for you, not so much what the features actually are.  

Let’s check this out:

Feature: Weekly Meal Plan

Benefit: No Stress when planning your meals every day. A happier, healthier you.

Feature: 1-1 Weekly Call

Benefit: Accountability to stay on-track with your progress. A happier, healthier you.

The major thing you’re selling here isn’t the 4-Week Nutrition program, it’s a happier, healthier you. You are selling a lifestyle.

It’s important to know all the features and benefits to your product because you never know what someone is going to connect with. One person may be looking for stress relief, while the other is looking for accountability. By mentioning both, you open the doors for more clients with the SAME product.

The Challenge:

Take your #1 Product or Service and break it down into Features and Benefits. Was there something there that you didn’t know you were offering? What kind of lifestyle do your products promote?

PRO TIP: Did you know that Men tend to focus on the Technical Benefits when purchasing, and Women tend to focus on the emotional benefits or lifestyle being promoted? Well, now you do. Use accordingly.