Challenge 7: Handle your Handles

Challenge 7.png

brand challenge #7

A handle is the name you’ve chosen to represent you or yourself on Social Media. Your Instagram, Facebook (Business Pages AND Personal Pages), Youtube, and even Pinterest all “handles.” So why is this concept of a handle important to your brand?

Handles are the way that people find you and are often their FIRST IMPRESSION of your brand. There are a lot of strategies to naming your brand – keeping it simple, getting clever, a play on words, etc. Whatever you choose, remember it should be easy to remember and easy to blast everywhere! (If someone wants to give you a beautiful review online and they have to tag either @playbunny69 or try to remember your 12 syllable last name… things aren’t going to go over well.)

Here are some tips on choosing your handle according to Brittany Hennessy, author of “Influencer.”

·      You can make your name as simple or as complicated as you like, as long as it’s easy to promote.

·      Don’t make intentional spelling errors (forever = foreveerrrr, no one wants to remember how many e’s and r’s you chose to use…)

·      Don’t use numbers

·      No underscores


Consistency is a beautiful aspect in a brand when used effectively. Using consistent handles sets you up for success as it’s one of the first things you’ll do for your brand, and it’s one of the first things people see and search. Don’t make it hard for your audience to find you – invite them in with ease! Here are a few channels that require handle consistency:

·      Website

·      E-Mail

·      Twitter

·      Instagram

·      Facebook

·      Pinterest

·      LinkedIn

The Challenge:

Part 1: Secure your chosen handle on all social platforms, e-mail and domain. Take the list from above and put your name into action. EVEN IF you plan on not using a certain social platform, it’s always good to secure your name so no one else steals it.

Part 2: If you already have an account on all platforms, let’s do a quick review of your current handle(s):

-       Are they consistent?

-       Are they easy to remember?

-       Are they easy to type?

-       Do they fit your brand?