Challenge 8: Who you talkin' to?

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Everyone understands the importance of knowing their audience or ideal client. You’ve heard me preach it and I’m sure you’re a little sick of it by now… but, it goes far past just “knowing” them.

Did you know the way you speak and words you choose when talking to your client could push the “should I work with her” needle to YES more quickly than you thought?

Diction, “the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing” can make or break a relationship with your clients. If you’re not speaking their language, it’s going to be impossible to sell anything - even if they desperately need whatever you’re offering. If you do sell them something, the misunderstanding in communication post-purchase will not be a fun thing to deal with.

The concept of Diction is HUGE today - because as you know in our online worlds, writing out our content is one massive part of our business.

Most of the time when we’re the face of our brand (shoutout to personal brands!) we’re often talking to an older version of ourselves so it makes it incredibly easy to think about what we’d want to hear and how we’d want to hear it. The goal is to build a relationship to show that you went through that, you know how to get to the other side, and you know how to help in a way that’s effective for their lifestyle. Word choice can let the reader quickly know a.) your own style, b.) if they can relate to you, and c.) if there’s a possibility to work together. All that from just word choice!

the challenge:

Go through one of your recent posts and find words or phrases that are perfect for your ideal client. On the flip side, pick out a few that you could have re-worded or made more custom to exactly who you’re speaking to!

Challenge 7: Handle your Handles

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brand challenge #7

A handle is the name you’ve chosen to represent you or yourself on Social Media. Your Instagram, Facebook (Business Pages AND Personal Pages), Youtube, and even Pinterest all “handles.” So why is this concept of a handle important to your brand?

Handles are the way that people find you and are often their FIRST IMPRESSION of your brand. There are a lot of strategies to naming your brand – keeping it simple, getting clever, a play on words, etc. Whatever you choose, remember it should be easy to remember and easy to blast everywhere! (If someone wants to give you a beautiful review online and they have to tag either @playbunny69 or try to remember your 12 syllable last name… things aren’t going to go over well.)

Here are some tips on choosing your handle according to Brittany Hennessy, author of “Influencer.”

·      You can make your name as simple or as complicated as you like, as long as it’s easy to promote.

·      Don’t make intentional spelling errors (forever = foreveerrrr, no one wants to remember how many e’s and r’s you chose to use…)

·      Don’t use numbers

·      No underscores


Consistency is a beautiful aspect in a brand when used effectively. Using consistent handles sets you up for success as it’s one of the first things you’ll do for your brand, and it’s one of the first things people see and search. Don’t make it hard for your audience to find you – invite them in with ease! Here are a few channels that require handle consistency:

·      Website

·      E-Mail

·      Twitter

·      Instagram

·      Facebook

·      Pinterest

·      LinkedIn

The Challenge:

Part 1: Secure your chosen handle on all social platforms, e-mail and domain. Take the list from above and put your name into action. EVEN IF you plan on not using a certain social platform, it’s always good to secure your name so no one else steals it.

Part 2: If you already have an account on all platforms, let’s do a quick review of your current handle(s):

-       Are they consistent?

-       Are they easy to remember?

-       Are they easy to type?

-       Do they fit your brand?

Challenge 6: More than just Google

Challenge 6.png

brand challenge #6

The great part of having a personal brand is that we’re more than just robots who spew off information. We get to have identities, likes, dislikes… the whole 9 yards. Our identities are what make connection possible between us and our ideal clients.

Your favorite people online are those who are informative AND personable. Let’s say you wanted to learn more about online marketing via Social Media. There are TONS of articles about this on the internet, just typing social media into Google would be a start. But – you don’t start there. And even if you do, you don’t stay there. 

You are more drawn to Elizabeth, who teaches about social media concepts on her facebook – but she also has two kids, is hilarious, and loves chatting it up about her recent travels as well. 

Elizabeth isn’t intimidating. She breaks down this unknown world of social media into terms that you can understand and relate to. You get to ask her questions about your specific situation. Plus, you get to have a relationship with her outside of social media training, and that’s fun for both parties. 

The Challenge:

If you’ve noticed yourself spewing out basic information about your topic of choice – don’t panic! This week, I want you to think about how you can either break down your passion into terms that are more relatable or devise a content strategy that allows you to be YOU in your business. Trainings are great, but make sure there is a relationship there to build off of. WE ARE MORE THAN JUST GOOGLE!

Extra Credit:

Trainings or masterclasses are great ways to connect with new people. If you think this is a *must* in your business - see how you can customize a regular ol' training. 

IE) How can you make what you're offering different than what's being found when you search on Google? Live Q&A, Featured Speakers, what can you think of?

Challenge 4: Emotional Connection

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brand challenge #4

"There has to be an emotional connection because emotion drives decisions."

Think about your favorite brand. Aside from the actual product - why do you like them? Why did you choose this specific brand over the 15 million various other brands creating the same exact product? 

Chances are, they triggered some kind of emotional response from you. There are many ways that brands can do this - whether it be sharing the same basics values that you do, or making you feel special in ways that they interact with you. Either way - you begin to feel accepted and understood by this specific brand and that makes you choose them every time.

If you can tap into at least one of the basic human needs while building your brand's core values - (Adventure, Community, Providing and receiving care, Self-expression, Peace of mind, Standing for something... etc.) you'll find that people will be much more connected to you and your brand! That human connection puts you a step above the other brands - no matter what product or service you may offer! 

The Challenge:

You're probably very acquainted with your target audience and the type of people you want purchasing your products or services. Get into their heads for a minute - and think about what basic emotional need they're looking for with YOUR product/service.

For example, if you're a personal trainer - they aren't just looking for a "fit body." They could be looking for love and acceptance that they feel comes with a fit body, adventure in the process of reshaping their body, or the simple need of taking care of themselves. Depending on what type of coach you are - you can cater your brand to any of these basic human needs. 

Once you tap into what need(s) your potential clients are looking for - think of what you can do as a brand to make these needs better met through your products/services. 

Using the personal training example, let's say that they're looking for acceptance with themselves and others. As the trainer knowing this, you can start off with a mindset session before each training session or create a group training program to interact with others. These little details cater to those emotional needs - and create a very unique brand as well.

In the BRAND PLAN Facebook Group - Post what emotional needs your brand caters to, and some unique ways that you can fuse these values into your services or products! 

Exxtra Credit: Fuse one idea into your brand THIS WEEK!


Challenge 1: Introductions

Challenge 1.png

brand challenge #1

Welcome to your very first Brand Plan Challenge! Since we're all new here and just getting to know each other, I figured this challenge better cater to that - introductions!

One of the most common errors I see online is that we forget to properly introduce exactly what we do and who we are to our audience. It's one of those things that seems like a very "no-brainer" type thing to do - but tell me, when's the last time you posted on Facebook exactly what you do... Exactly how you can help, and furthermore, exactly who you want to help?

If we're not clear and concise with our audience, a guessing game starts to happen. Even if there's a 10% chance of confusion or mystery, it's a risk we don't want to take. If you were the slightest confused about what someone offered, would you want to work with them? (Hint...the answer is noooooo!)

We want to attract our people and have them know exactly what we do - so we have to tell them, and keep reminding them! It takes a few times for someone to see something and remember it - so keep that in mind as you post this weeks challenge!

The Challenge: An Introduction Post or Video via Social Media

Get creative with your introduction post. Be very clear and concise on the following points:
- What you do
- Who you work with
- What problems you can help solve
- Why you do this

Feel free to do one post containing all the information, or several posts throughout the week that hits each point individually! :D Once you complete the challenge, let me know how it went!