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Featured Guest Blogger: Jess Summers

Using Your Passions to Build a Successful Brand…

I'm just going to come right on out and introduce myself - I'm Jess Summers. I love dinosaurs, rainbows, and crazy, colorful eyeshadows. I stop to pick up heads-up pennies because I still think magic exists. I believe in good people, doing amazingly fun things with your life, and simply refuse to "grow up.”

I run a company called Say Yes to Jess and oh yeah, I'm am a photographer.

"I am a photographer.” Pretty vague description of myself, but when I say this a lot of people automatically jump to "Oh, so you photograph like Weddings right?" The answer to this is Noooo and will forever be no because weddings are simply not my jam. I do something that isn't even within people’s radar when it comes to “photography,” so let me educate you on how I got here!

I call myself a “Family Photographer,” but that’s only because it’s the best term to use for what I do that the general public will understand. Really what I do is hang out with kids and let them daydream. I take those daydreams and turn them into super fun and creative portraits that basically print right out of their imaginations onto paper for you. (This is why my photo sessions are called “dream-sessions.”)

See? It's not the easiest concept to wrap your brain around at first, so I get why people jump to asking if I photograph something they are already familiar with.

When starting my business, I really went through a lot of branding mishaps. I fell into the "you look like everyone else" issue. I didn't really understand my own brand for the longest time and couldn't for the life of me tell you who and why people would be buying my product. I even thought at one point that "branding" was basically just your colors and logo.

It was incredibly important to me to really carve my own way out of the already existing wheel. Really find who I was in the land of photography. I kept seeing photography companies that were mostly all based on something sentimental like "Make sure you get a portrait of grandma" or "They grow up so fast" and this just wasn't me.

It really took a lot of research and strategy to get my branding to a point where I felt good about it and that it really spoke to who I am, my brand values and what my positioning should be in the world.

My brand is known for being creative. I encourage dreaming and using your imagination. I want you to play. I want you to explore and be curious. Live life wild and free. Celebrate, and do weird and fun activities just because it makes you happy.

This is where my branding started, with me. The way I look, the things I wear, how I interact with you… it all finally came together to create my business Say Yes to Jess. I learned that infusing the essence of me into my brand, was just what I needed to be successful!

If you'd like to connect with Jess, you can find her here:

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