Building Your Brand NOW!

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“Take control of your brand now, before someone else does…”

For those of you who have an online business, whether it's a shop or a personal blog - you've learned how important your Reputation is. People make purchases from those who they trust, love and support.

Unfortunately, those three things don't come overnight for most people. Think of it like dating. You have to wine your date, dine them and make them feel as though they are top priority on more than one occasion. That's why it's so important to begin your branding process NOW - don't wait until you're on the third date (if you even get that far) to start taking their breath away!

Not only do you want to be on your best behavior while you’re with your client, but you need to consider what’s going on prior to and after your interaction. For example, when you’re researching the best dog walker to hire, you’re likely going to be impressed with the person who’s active on social media showing how happy they are when they’re walking dogs, giving tips on all things related to taking care of dogs, and overall just coming off as knowledgable and passionate. You’re impressed with their attitude and personality, so you decide to contact them. They’ve made the process super easy and you are overall happy to be connecting with them. Through their online presence, they’ve put you in a good mindset before even speaking to you. The conversation goes great, and when you’re done speaking with them they follow up with you to make sure all of your questions were answered. A great overall experience, right?

If your client feels comfortable and eager to speak with you, the conversation and sale is going to be easy-peasy. So, here are some tips to get your brand going NOW so you can make some easy sales!

  • Don’t be scared of Social Media. Now’s the time to experiment and get really familiar with 1-3 Social Platforms that work well with your business. Create content regularly, and keep track of how your audience interacts with it.

  • Be Consistent with your branding. Even if you haven’t had anything professionally done (such as a logo or website) make sure that you’re representing your business under the same name on all channels. If you’re using your name, make sure you’re using your same name on Instagram, Facebook and your Website. If you have too many screen names that don’t necessarily go together, your brand will not look professional and cohesive.

  • Be clear on who you’re speaking to, why you’re speaking to them, what you’re saying to them and how you’re speaking to them. Think about these things in everything you post, write or create, because everything you put into the online space is a part of your brand. (Including that wild profile pic, gurl!)

  • Don’t forget about the foundations of your brand. Before you get into all the fun things of a brand such as the colors, fonts, logo design, etc. - you need to figure out and set in stone why you’re pursuing this adventure. Target Audience, Mission Statement, and goals are a few of the things you need to consider before diving in. If you’re having trouble with figuring this all out - take my online course REPUTATION to get the steps on building a solid brand foundation.

  • Interact with your audience. You’ll always be scared of “not being ready” but let me tell you - there’s no such thing as “ready.” Dive right in, build those relationships and start making connections.

There are just a few tips that you can start working on IMMEDIATELY to build your brand now! If you have any questions, you know I’m always here to help you out.

Talk Soon Brand FAM! Xx