When should you care about YOU, and when should you care about your AUDIENCE?

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We all want that perfect balance of representing ourselves fully while also attracting in our perfect, ideal clients - but what if that isn’t always workable?

I get a lot of questions about this particular subject from my clients, usually stated as “Who should I aim to please, myself or my clients?”

If you’ve been around the subject of branding for awhile, you know two things are incredibly important; 1.) Being Authentically You and 2.) Catering to your Ideal Client. As an easy to understand example, you take a poll to see that your audience’s favorite color is pink, but you absolutely hate the color pink. Should it be the main color of your brand even though you don’t care for it?

In personal branding, NO. In Corporate branding or packaging, YES.

Since majority of my clients tend to be personal brands - I’m going to focus on this scenario.

Personal Brands are incredibly successful because they’re just that - PERSONAL. If every influencer, coach or nutritionist only stuck to the things that their clients wanted or preferred (much like the corporate world), we wouldn’t have that BFF factor going on at all. Think about it - you’re not EXACTLY like your best friend and you still love her, right?

Personal Brands allow for you to connect with people who choose YOU. So the more authentic, genuine and real you are about who you are - the better. (You better not use Pink if you don’t like it!!!)

The second part to this branding predicament is that even as a personal brand, you do still need to care about your target audience… maybe not so much when you’re deciding on your personal attributes, but very much so when you decide to create content.

Your content needs to have some kind of value to your audience. Without value, you’re creating things strictly for yourself (which hey, that’s great too) but business will be much, much better if the value you’re offering is what your audience needs/wants. So here in lies the equation for a brilliant business model…

What can you offer or create that you enjoy doing, but also is a want/need of your target audience? Think of all the problems your audience has, and how can you specifically help them solve one or more of their problems?

When your audience loves you, has a relationship with you and sees value in your content, you can bet that they don’t care if you’re logo is green or pink. #fightme