Let's go through the Branding Process - what you'd experience if you decided to work with me on everything: Branding Basics, Moodboard, Logo, Website, & Social Media. No matter what project you decide to work with me on, it all starts with the Intense Branding Questionnaire. The awesome part about that? I offer it for FREE, before you even commit to working with me. 

the basics.png

why you're doing, what you're doing... 

Before we dive into design, we'll hit the three core basics of your brand. Your mission statement, who you're talking to, and how you're talking to them. We'll also go over what makes your brand unique in comparison to your competitors, and really learn how to play those aspects to your advantage!  


  • 3 PDF Workbooks, dedicated to each category
  • 20 Minute Strategy Call after completion of workbooks


creating your vibe one image at a time...

The Mood Board in general is nothing final or specific, but it's rather just a general "feeling" that you want your new brand to give off. Colors, energy, etc. I use one of the most popular sites on the net to complete this task, and that's Pinterest! This  step is meant to be fun and exciting, and as you pin images I create your very own personalized moodboard. See the example below and then view the gallery! 

Bang Up Beauty Moodboard R1.png


  • Pinterest Exercise
  • Customized Moodboard in PDF, PNG, + PSD file formats

the logo.png

making the face of your brand...

Based on the feedback from the previous steps and anything else you'd like to try, we begin creating your logo! This is the beginning of where you get to sit back, relax, and let the artist go to work! We begin with black and white logo concepts, where I provide anywhere from 3-8 (depending on which package you choose) concepts. You'll then pick 2 to move forward with! We verify fonts and layout - and once the black and white version is complete we take it into color! Once finalized in color, we create the sub-mark (a condensed version of your logo) and this stage is complete! 

Andrea Lynn Logo Black Foil.png
Andrea Lynn Logo.png


  • Your final logo in black + white in all files (EPS, PNG, PSD, AI, JPG, PDF)
  • Your final logo in color (EPS, PNG, PSD, JPG, PDF)
  • Your sub-mark in black + white in all files (EPS, PNG, PSD, JPG, PDF)
  • Your sub-mark in color (EPS, PNG, PSD, JPG, PDF)
  • Logo on Stationary Image to post on social channels


We bring you to life online...

Using Squarespace (my preferred host) or Wix, we begin to build your website. I set up a Dropbox folder that contains a folder for each page (ie. Home, About, Contact, etc.) and it's your job to drop the "content" for each page. What this means is that any photos, copy, or videos that you want to include must be dropped in by you! I DO NOT include content in your website development, although I can help you with copy for an additional fee if needed. Once the content is dropped, I'll begin designing your customized site! You'll get a link and a code to enter and preview the site and send any edits my way before it goes live! I'll give you instructions on how to buy your custom domain, subscribe to service, and even set up a customized e-mail! 

Mary Jo Michele Announcement.png


  • X Amount of Pages on either Squarespace or Wix platform (depending on which package is bought!)
  • All custom graphics included
  • Copywriting help available at an additional fee
  • Mailchimp Set-Up and Design depending on package choice

social media.png

bringing it all together...

If you decide to add on the social media package to your brand, you won't regret it. It involves us taking your created brand and making sure that your social media channels match! 


  • 5 Instagram Templates (to place text on in PNG, JPG, + PSD files)
  • 1 Facebook Cover Photo (PNG + JPG)
  • 1 Facebook roup cover Photo (PNG + JPG)
  • 2 Additional profile cover photo designs (Twitter, Etsy, etc.) (PNG + JPG)
Social Image.png

And that's it! Then you'll have a beautiful brand to share with the world! If you're interested in getting a custom quote on your very own branding project or seeing what I have readily available, please view the "services" page!