en·ter·prise : 3-Day Masterclass to understanding, building & maintaining your Website + Mailing List

February 26-28th, 7PM EST via Zoom (Replays Available!)

 Day 1: Website Content (Understanding) | February 26 @ 7pm

Day 1 of Enterprise is focused on the understanding of what makes a sound website. Not only the content, but how the content can and will affect the viewer and where they end up on your site. Some topics include:

  • What makes a good Homepage

  • How to draw people into your site + make them stay

  • Ease of Navigation

  • Click Paths

  • Personality and Application of Branding

  • How to promote products without being overwhelming to the viewer


Day 2: Construction of Website (Building) | February 27 @ 7pm

Day 2 of Enterprise will be a live demo on how to build the basics of your website. We’ll be using the Squarespace platform, and we’ll go through the basics of creating/styling the mainframe and homepage of your site. Once this demo is done, you should have a basic understanding of Squarespace and be able to create other pages with ease.

  • Creation of Squarespace Website

  • In-depth tutorial of styling and setting up the mainframe to match your branding

  • Creating the homepage and uploading/placing content

  • Mailchimp Integration


Day 3: Mailchimp & Building your Mailing List (Maintaining) | February 28 @ 7pm

Day 3 of Enterprise is all about maintaining and promoting your site and services, and what better way to do so than with a Mailing List! Day 3 will be a combo of live demonstrations in Mailchimp and information about how to build that mailing list.

  • Mailchimp Intro & Tutorial

  • Building your first template

  • Setting up an auto-send with website subscribers

  • Information and Content for Newsletters

  • Ways to build your Mailing List


Hosted by ME!

I’ve been building Squarespace sites for quite some time, over about 3 years to be exact - so I know the ins and outs of how to build a site and keep it functioning! I also know all the little details that drive you mad, so please, let me save you some time and peace of mind!

This course is perfect for those who are currently using Squarespace or are considering it. We go over the very basics of setting up and using your site, and answer any questions along the way!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Each day will include a 60-90 minute Zoom meeting with all other participants, where there will be a live general lecture then an open Q&A.

You'll also be invited to a private VIP Facebook group where additional support will be provided!

Resources to maximize each lecture. (Worksheets, How-to’s, & Business Contacts)

Replays, Notes and Resources will be available to those who cannot make the lives.

$97 Early Bird Registration

Class will begin on February 26th, and the Facebook Group will open 1 week prior to Day 1.