“Consumption may be regarded as negative production.”

In a world of instant downloads, freebies, and where everyone’s time is of the essence - consumption is easy to partake in. We consume to make things easier, to lighten the load, and to be inspired - so is all consumption bad? No.

However, consumption consumes quickly.

We can easily get lost in other people’s plans for ourselves and even sabotage our own plans when we consume too much of anything. We get told how something should look or be, and suddenly our ideas and dreams take a turn for the worst - trying to conform to what people “like.”

We get so stuck on twisting and contorting our ideas to what people like, that we never really see a tangible product or form of our once brilliant idea.

As creatives, as lovers, as human-beings - we cannot let this happen. Our minds produce these ideas with the intention to be brought to life, so we have to respect that. The only way to battle consumption? CREATION. Let your imagination run wild. Take that jump. Allow yourself to have a chance. Creation simply means bringing something into existence, so that’s exactly what you need to do.

This design, Creation over Consumption, is a reminder to take note of how you’re spending your time.

Are you creating, or are you consuming?